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The Ronin Matrix Plate is designed specifically for the Ronin 2, featuring a L Bracket Design for superior stability and durability. This Plate is made from 6082 aluminium, black anodised for added protection from the elements. The Ronin Matrix Plate provides a reliable and secure mounting platform for your Ronin 2, giving you the confidence to create the perfect shot.



W- 150mm

D- 299mm

H- 450mm

Holes - 3/8 and M6 holes




- 1" spacings between mounting holes

- High strength 6082 aluminium

- Hard Black Anodized






They are all so design to work with a number of Arkane’s products to give you maximum flexibility.

They work well with 32mm and 48mm fittings to  create other configuration.



If you would like to have your logo, inisials or name engraved. please let us know when purchasing the product. ( Charge may apply )

Ronin Matrix Plate

SKU: 364115376135191
4 to 6 weeks
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